Biljana Bilbiloska

In her works, Bilbiloska explores rhythm, the connection of pictorial expression with music, movement and constant dynamics. The fact that the artist works with graphic design, illustration and film, and through these forms is able to explore the kinetics of color, stain, brush rhythm and burst of color, brings us the extraordinary splendor offered to the viewer's senses in a constantly multiplying rhythm.

The power and the energy of color are best expressed within the nocturnal aspect of Bilbiloska's work. Because, the artist sees the night through the burst of the red veil on the bluish color of the night, and the echo simply drowns out the darkness and gloom with its multidimensional brightness of colors that are heard louder and more penetrating than the sound. It is the ability to display sound with color, a drawing that has length, width, height, depth, but also direction that leaves the greatest impression on the recipient of this artistic message. This becomes Bilbiloska's manuscript, which is present throughout all her works, even if it is decomposed or fractal - the wheel of power and strength that is in a constant effort to go beyond the picture becomes a fable painted in the sublimation of sound, color and movement.

Finally, the explosion, the sound and the filling with shapes and colors, which abound in Biljana Bilbiloska's paintings, tend to accumulate emotions caused by the very act of finding herself in front of her paintings. Faced with this power and richness of events on the canvas, you remain motionless at the same time entering into the mysteries of the universe, that is, the special universes that the author creates for us. In this interaction of our world and the offered alternative, the image becomes a part of us, and we become a part of the image - we travel without moving from the place - at the same time we hear the sound and become a part of the story unfolding before us. And that is exactly the true value and power of art.

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